Solon, OH, May 24, 2023 – Jet East, an aviation maintenance company offering full-service capabilities and 24/7 AOG maintenance, is excited to announce the hiring of Kara Finn as a leader within the maintenance operation as the Senior Director of Retail Operations. Kara’s success in the field of aviation began 30 years ago when she earned her A&P license immediately following her high school graduation. As a trailblazer in the industry, Kara has proven herself as an expert maintainer with a skill set that includes many top-tier attributes including strong leadership, genuine relationship-building, charismatic team development and an innovated approach to customer service.  


Through her daily work, Kara has earned the respect of all those around her within the industry. Her remarkable accomplishments include spearheading major maintenance projects, leading teams of technicians, and driving business growth. As a result of her commitment to excellence, Kara has held critical roles throughout her career at companies including Sky West Airlines, Bombardier, Nextant Aerospace and Jet It. 


In her role at Jet East, Kara will be responsible for the Quoting, Planning, and Scheduling Departments for all retail maintenance operations. Using her prior experience and deep understanding of complex maintenance events, Kara will streamline all three teams to create an event for the customer that is organized, concise, and clearly communicated.  


With the implementation of a centralized department for quoting, planning and scheduling, Kara will have full visibility from the time a request for a quote is submitted to when the aircraft is inducted into a facility until the time it is released back to service. Under Kara’s guidance, all three teams will be merged into one cohesive structure, ensuring full visibility and providing continuity from start to finish. This approach will improve communication, both internally and with customers, promoting collaboration between groups and reducing the likelihood of items being missed or misunderstood.  


“Kara’s leadership will be instrumental in creating a customer-centric culture within our company,” said Dan Podojil, Jet East COO, Retail Services. Dan continued, “She will bring together three different teams and create a unified approach to serving our customers which will result in a more efficient and effective experience for everyone.” 

About Jet East, A Gama Aviation Company
Jet East, A Gama Aviation Company, is one of the nation’s leading aviation maintenance providers. The company specializes in scheduled maintenance, on-demand mobile maintenance for unscheduled events, paint and interior completions and provides related services in the areas of structural repairs, composite work, and non-destructive testing (NDT).  With a deeply talented workforce, Jet East is available to meet customer maintenance needs with on-demand service and coast to coast coverage in the U.S and in certain international markets.  An expansive AOG Mobile Maintenance team operates with a 24/7 Dispatch Team and compliments the company’s maintenance hangars in North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Texas, California, Illinois, and Nevada.

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