Jet East Aircraft Cleaning & Detailing

Jet East offers a tailored program empowering customers with complete control over their appearance budget while safeguarding the value of their aircraft. Experience the ultimate convenience with our on-demand service, offering comprehensive interior and exterior cleaning services for your aircraft.

Insured, Experienced, Reliable

We understand the importance of trust when it comes to our services, which is why we are fully insured. Our coverage provides you with peace of mind, so you can rest assured knowing that we will deliver quality services. All products used are aviation approved, ensuring safety and reliability. With deep roots in aviation and decades of experience, we provide the highest quality service. You can trust us to make sure your aircraft is in top condition and its value is maintained.

Contact the Jet East Aircraft Cleaning & Detailing Team

Charlton Resurreccion

Director of Appearance Operations, Florida

Bob Kopec

‪Sales Manager, Aircraft Appearance

Zachary Vardaman

‪Appearance Standards Director